“Chaos Theory is When Harry Met Sally with intellect…the play is fresh and full of wit and charm”
The Times Of India

Chaos Theory

In a universe where nothing is determined and everything is in chaos, a pattern is formed. 2 particles x and y get attracted to each other, and remain forever in a pattern…attracted stronger and stronger the same way into infinity, without ever meeting.Chaos Theory is a comedy of ideas that tracks the eras, the words, the lives of two professors who experience a lifetime together without expressing their real emotions. Set in colleges in the US and India, among academics and the social changes of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, the play is an exploration of love not as perfect chemistry but like the chaos theory itself, an imperfect physics.Chaos Theory was the winner of the Julliard Playwriting Fellowship in 2004 and the only Indian play to be a finalist in the BBC World Playwriting Contest in 2007. The play has played all over the USA in productions and staged readings by Alter Ego Productions, SALAAM Theatre, Producers Club, Here Theatre-Soho, 78th Street Theatre Lab, American Theatre of Actors, American Place Theatre, Juilliard, Bodhi Art Gallery, Greenwich Street Theatre – all in New York City, ArtWallah Festival – Los Angeles, Georgetown University, STAGE festival – Washington DC, Edward Albee Theatre Festival – Alaska and Rasik Arts – Toronto.It opened in Bombay in 2008 and has completed a run of 50 shows. Aside from Bombay the play has been performed in Muscat, Dubai and extensively around India.

Chaos Theory

Production Credits: 


Writer: Anuvab Pal

Director: Rahul da Cunha

Set Design: Fali Unwalla

Light Design:Arghya Lahiri & Dhanendra Kawade

Costume Design & Styling: Fat Mu

On Lights: Arghya Lahiri, Yael Crishna

On Sound: Nadir Khan

Make Up Artist: Nandu Wadke

Production Controllers: Ayaz Ansari, Shazneen Acharia

Photography:Ryan Martis

Video/Visuals:Kavi Bhansali

Horace Walpole once said, “Life is a tragedy to those who feel, a comedy to those who think about those who feel and both to those who write about those doing either of the first two.” I never understood quite what that meant. But I think one can interpret it to mean that as you watch Chaos Theory, depending on what constitutes you, you are either about to watch a tragedy with a splash of the comic or a roaring comedy with blocks of sadness.

In both cases, the effort continues to be one of creating some ideal mixture of comedy and tragedy spiced up with a dash of science, all swimming about in an endless cutting and pasting of varying periods of passing time. The effort through the process was to weave the livcs of two professors so inextricably close that the playwright and director could only peer at them through smallish gaps in the metaphorical web that enclosed their lives, eras, geography, all the while keeping one eye open. The only thing was to remember to make that one eye, a comic one. – Anuvab Pal

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